The Compression Closet is adding a new award-winning compression shirt designed to address lymphedema and edema in the torso, chest, and upper arms. Breast surgery and radiation can damage lymph nodes and vessels that lymph moves through, which may lead to lymphedema. In addition, swelling can develop in the breast or torso as a side effect. The Andrea/Andrew shirt is ideal for managing swelling in the chest and torso. Use in combination with Juzo’s Soft Compression sleeve and Juzo’s seamless glove for complete compression coverage of the arm, chest wall, and torso.

Foam pads sewn into the garment provide extra compression and coverage for the axilla. The Andrea/Andrew shirt is available with pads sewn into both sides, the affected side, or with no pad. These sewn-in pads provide extra compression for the lateral chest wall and under the axilla.

Sewn-in pads eliminate the hassle of keeping the pads from moving and shifting. However, if you want a chip pad that provides more coverage, the JoviPak post lumpectomy pad and the Solaris Breast Swell Spot work with this garment.

DESIGNED FOR COMFORTWear Ease Andrea Compression Shirt

Made in the United States with quality and care, the Andrea/Andrew shirt is constructed with a double layer of four-way stretch fabric. Breathable and with a moisture management power mesh, this fabric is effective and comfortable. The garment is also cut high under the arm for maximum compression on the axilla. Seamless body contact inside and out prevent irritation to sensitive areas. Unlike some compression for the torso and chest, this garment features a front zipper. A hook and eye spacer placket underneath protects the skin from the zipper. Therefore, you do not have to step into this garment to get it on.


The level of compression provided by the garment depends on individual fit. However, Wear Ease products are made to fit different shapes and sizes of torsos. Therefore a snug and comfortable fit will result in a mild compression of 10-16 mmHg. Choose the most petite sizing you can fit comfortably into. This will give you a snug fit and good compression. Remember that compression should always be snug and comfortable, never painful.


HME Business, the top business management media resource for HME (home medical equipment) professionals, was awarded the Andrea Shirt, the best in Women’s Health Products in 2019. These awards honor outstanding product development achievements by HME manufacturers and service providers and are a testament to the quality and innovation of the garment.


Wear Ease designs products for recovery from surgery and related side effects of lymphedema, edema, and limited mobility. A certified woman-owned business, all products are proudly designed and made by women in the USA.


Care instructions: Wash garments every day or every second day. In addition to cleaning the garment, washing allows the yarns to realign after being stretched during wear. Therefore, washing helps to maintain optimal compression. Machine wash on a gentle cycle in cold water. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Hang to dry.

Fabric content: Double layer of power mesh (83% nylon and 17% lycra). Latex free.


Disclaimer – This blog is for general information purposes only. Furthermore, the information contained in this blog is not a substitute for medical advice – always consult a licensed healthcare professional for advice on your specific condition.


  • Susan M Harris says:

    This looks like a great item to assist pts w truncal edema
    How much does this product cost? I’d like to order
    Susie Harris PTA

    • Hey Sue!
      Here is the link to the garment.
      There are different prices depending on the number of pads you get. No pads $120, 1 pad $155 and 2 pads $185. Let me know if you have any further questions! I have had really good success with this product so far. As with all my products, The Andrea Shirt did not go onto the website until it was tried by several customers. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on this garment and am happy to add it to our collection.

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