Compression Wraps For Lymphedema


A  recent study of Adjustable Compression Wrap (ACW) garments concluded that compression wraps for lymphedema were not inferior to custom-made flat knit garments. Compression wrap garments proved they could be more advantageous in the maintenance phase of complex decongestive therapy (CDT) for lymphedema. The compression wraps prove easier to don and doff. They also showed a continuation of reduction in the limb whereas the flat knit stocking did not. Another advantage is the cost of ACW garments, can be significantly less money than a flat knit garment. Although compression wraps may not be for everyone, they are certainly worth considering. There are several compression wrap garments on the market today, so which wrap is the right wrap for you? Let’s take a look at some of the choices!

FARROW WRAP CLASSICJobst FarrowWrap Classic lymphedeha Compression Garment

Let’s start with the FarrowWrap Classic Leg Piece – one of my favorite wrap garments. One of Dr. Farrow’s patients, who happened to be a seamstress, helped him come up with this original FarrowWrap product. FarrowWrap Classic utilizes special fabrics with smart elastic short stretch bands comprised of multi-layered fabrics. The optimal width of the band, with a 50% overlap, gives a similar effect of bandaging. This garment is designed for moderate to severe edema control. The FarrowWrap Classic comes with a pair of liners that have silver incorporated in them to help fight bacteria. However, this garment does not address compression for the foot. If you do experience swelling in the foot, you will need to purchase a separate garment. FarrowWrap Classic Foot Piece or a Farrow Hybrid stocking are two good options.


Solaris ReadyWrap

The L&R Solaris ReadyWrap is another wrap garment that has the 50% overlap, which mimics the gold standard of bandaging to ensure complete coverage. Simple to don and doff with a color coded strapping system, the ReadyWrap provides higher working and

lower resting compression levels with low stretch material. This garment also comes with a liner but no foot option. Try the ReadyWrap Foot Piece or the Medi Undersock to address swelling in the foot.


The Juzo Compression Wrap now comes in two styles, one with a slip-on feature and one without. The slip-on feature makes it easier to don and doff, holding the garment in place while you adjust the straps. The Juzo Compression Wrap without the slip-on feature makes it easier for those who have trouble bending over to reach their foot.

Both garments are reversible and have replaceable velcro tabs. This garment does not have as much overlap as the FarrowWrap Classic or The ReadyWrap, therefore it would not be used for more severe lymphedema cases. However, this garment is an excellent choice for mild to moderate lymphedema, as well as wound care. The velcro and the area which the velcro attaches to are the first thing to wear out on these garments. However, with the garment being reversible and having replaceable velcro, you should be able to get twice the life out of this garment compared to similar wraps. You can get this wrap with either a pair of hybrid stockings. You can also get a liner with a pair of anklets to address foot swelling.


Medi CircAid Juxtafit Premium Lymphemdema ProductThe CircAid Juxtafit Premium has a full one year warranty which is twice the length of any other wrap garment warranty on the market. Some customers are getting two to three years of use out of their Juxtafit Premium garments. Although it is more expensive than some of the other garments, it’s durability makes the CircAid Juxtafit Premium a great value. This garment comes with a pair of silver liners to help fight bacteria that would cause infection. It also comes with an anklet and a PAC (Power Added Compression) Band  for foot compression. In addition, the Juxtafit Premium comes with a cover to protect the garment and also to make it easier to get clothing on and off over the garment.

SIGVARIS COMPREFLEXSigvairs ComreFlex Wrap with Transition Liner

This garment is a company favorite! It is the easiest of garments to don and doff with an internal liner that holds the garment in place while you adjust the straps. It is also one of the most cost effective garments. The Sigvaris CompreFlex comes with either a pair of transitional stockings, which have compression in the foot and ankle only, or a complete liner which has mild compression throughout the stocking. It is more of a lightweight garment and may not work well for more severe cases of lymphedema. This is our go-to garment for elderly people that may have trouble getting some of the more complex garments on and off.


Sigvaris CompreFlexAlthough compression wraps for lymphedema may not be for everyone, they are certainly an option worth looking into. They work especially well for lymphedema patients, as there are often fluctuations in the leg size that the velcro wrap can accommodate. Compression wrap garments can also be worn both as a daytime and a nighttime garment. Where as gradient compression stockings that are only worn during the day. Even if you prefer compression stockings, it’s nice to have a wrap garment on hand if you have a flare up and want to get some reduction. Compression wrap garments all work on the same principle. If you need help deciding which wrap is right for you, consult your lymphedema therapist or contact us here at The Compression Closet. We are always happy to answer your questions about garments we sell.

(Note compression wraps are not a replacement for CDT)

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