Comfortable Core-Spun Compression Stockings

Comfortable Corespun Compression Stockings COMFORTABLE COMPRESSION YOU ARE LOOKING FOR

New to The Compression Closet are Comfortable Core-Spun Compression Stockings by Therafirm Gradient that look like soft, comfortable everyday socks with the added benefit of true gradient compression. The ultra-stretch yarns make the sock easier to put on, and the thickness makes them comfortable for all-day wear. Gradient compression promises better circulation and helps prevent swelling and leg fatigue. Moisture-wicking yarns help wick moisture away from the skin to the sock’s exterior, moving moisture up and out of the foot area, resulting in comfort and coolness. This is an excellent stocking for those with challenges donning and doffing a conventional compression stocking. The pricing can’t be beaten, either!

Twisting fibers around the inner fiber create this unique Core-Spun yarn. This process enhances the functional properties of fabrics, especially stretch, comfort, and durability. If you are looking for a stocking with more containment for swelling, try the Juzo Dynamic Knee High Stocking or the Mediven Plus Compression Stocking.

THE CORE-SPUN BENEFITSTherafirm Core-Spun 20-30mmHg

  • Comfort top is non-restrictive while staying in place all day.
  • Sock thickness provides a casual and comfortable alternative to sheer compression.
  • Superior moisture-wicking fibers.
  • Ultra-stretchy Core-Spun yarns make the sock easier to put on. 
  • Available in fashionable colors and patterns. 
  • Delivers lab-tested true gradient compression to promote better blood flow, prevent mild to moderate swelling, and relieve tired, achy legs and feet. 


Comfortable Core-Spun Compression StockingsCorespun comes in 4 different levels of compression. 

  • A mild compressive support stocking is provided by 10-15mmHg. This compression level is ideal for individuals who find putting on a regular compression stocking challenging. In addition, it benefits people who travel frequently and require support while flying or driving for long periods.
  • 15-20mmHg gives you more compression and is an excellent mid-level compression stocking. Again, this would make for a great travel stocking. It also would work well for someone who needs mild compression but does not need a medical-grade compression stocking. These support stockings are designed to help prevent edema, leg discomfort, and deep vein thrombosis for long-distance travelers. 
  • 20-30mmHg is now getting into medical-grade compression, yet these stockings, with their ultra-stretchy fibers, are easier to put on and more comfortable to wear than many other compression stockings. 
  • 30-40mmHg is the highest level of compression this stocking comes in if you need more containment. Even though this is a class 2 compression stocking due to its ultra-stretchy fibers, it is easier to don and doff.  

These stockings also come in two lengths, Short and Regular, for a better fit. 


Knit-Rite was founded in 1923 as an orthotic and prosthetic textile manufacturer with solutions that promote mobility, protection, and comfort. Therarim, part of the Knit-Rite family of products, is a leading manufacturer of quality compression hosiery and socks. For over 60 years, Therafirm has made innovative compression garments, developing scientifically advanced products that are fashionable, comfortable, and deliver the healthy benefits patients and consumers need. Our parent company, Thuasne, shares in our mission of producing innovative products to help people master their health journey. Founded in 1847, Thuasen designs develops and manufactures orthopedics, medical compression home care, and sports care products. Thuasne is represented in over 85 countries through its 15 brands in Europe, the United States, and Asia. 

Knit-Rite owns manufacturing facilities in Kansas and North Carolina and is committed to producing products in the USA that allow a closer direct link to retailers and the ability to shorten our customers’ supply chain management. CoreSpun


 Nylon, Lycra, and Cool Max-Polyester are the material content of the Core-spun stocking. There will be different percentages of each depending on the compression level. There is no latex in this garment.

Core Spun Trend SetterCARE OF GARMENT

To maintain your Comfortable Core-Spun compression stockings, Therafirm recommends:

  • Hand or machine wash daily to maximize therapeutic effectiveness and prolong the life of your garment.
  • When machine washing and drying, use the lowest permanent press settings; no heat!
  • Wash dark colors separately from other clothing.
  • Use mild soap
  • DO NOT USE bleach, chlorine, fabric softeners, or other laundry additives. These may damage your garment.
  • Replace stockings every 3-6 months as needed.


Disclaimer – This post is for general information. Furthermore, the information contained in this blog is not a substitute for medical advice. Always consult a licensed healthcare professional for advice on your specific condition.

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