Learn about The Compression Closet – Why use us?

Compression wraps, garments, and accessories for lymphedema.

A Virtual Compression Closet at Your Fingertips

The Compression Closet is a small, family-owned business that works closely with lymphedema therapists to help them find quality compression garments for their patients. We have been specializing in compression garments and fitting services in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago for over a dozen years now. We work very closely with our therapists to find solutions together in order to provide the best garments for their patients’ needs.

Lymphedema is not a one size fits all kind of condition—it can be challenging, which is why we strive for a close working relationship with therapists as well as their patients.

Why The Compression Closet?

  • Simplified Choices
    Through our working relationships with lymphedema therapists and medical professionals, we have narrowed down and simplified the process of choosing the right garment by including the products that we have found to be the most effective over-the-counter compression garments for you or your patients.
  • Simplified Sizing
    Having worked with these garments for many years, we have a deep understanding of the different manufacturers’ products, including the unique sizing and fit of each individual garment. We have passed these sizing tips on to you—with our Clinical Choice Sizing Tips—for a better fit the first time.
  • Simplified Pricing
    What you see is what you get! The price that is listed is the price you pay, as there are no hidden fees or additional costs. You pay NO sales tax and you pay NO shipping. The Compression Closet will cover these costs for you!
  • Simplified Ordering
    Each individual item on our website has a SKU#, so that when you or your patient plugs this number into the indicated box, the desired product will automatically come up. The patient doesn’t have to scroll down endless choices to try to find the correct size, style, compression level, etc.

We very much want to be part of your wellness team. Feel free to contact us here with any questions.

Simplified choices.
Simplified sizing tips.
Simplified purchasing.
Simplified reordering.

Empowering therapists to empower their patients to a better quality of life!